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Prices are per square meter.

We have tiles for both the floor and the wall. The traditional floor tiles are called ‘Bejmat’. They are 5cm thick, and 5cm wide and 15cm tall. The tiles are baked, glazed and painted by hand which causes beautiful tones of colors, and slight irregularities in shape and glaze. This is what makes the tiles so special.
These tiles are perfect for kitchens, toilets and bathroom floors. They are made with clay from the Fez-region within Morocco. We know all the tile-makers ourself, and have been working with the same factory for many years. This is why you should buy the tiles at Household Hardware.

Stock and delivery

We have the four colors in stock on regular base, but there are more options and colors available. Please note that the shipping of the varied colors will take longer (approximately 4-6 weeks) than the estimated time of the colors that we have in stock (+/-1 week).

Free samples

Would you like to know more? Please get in touch, we are happy to help! You want to see the colors in real life? Send us an email and we will send you a sample for free!

Zellige making

The craftsmen, that start their training at a very young age to acquire the perfect skills, make the tiles of terra cotta from Fez, only from Fez. After making two rough versions, the zelliges are being baked the first time, then painted or colored and covered with enamel before baking them the second time. The ovens are very primitive but up till now there are no modern ovens that deliver the same quality of zelliges.

Zellige cutting

Finally the edges of the small tiles are being cut in a special radius, to make it possible placing the tiles in the right (tight) position on wall or floor.

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