vases glas beerglass or incline


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Made of recycled glass. Every piece is hand blown by our blower craftsmen. Traditional Moroccan handcrafted product since 1940. Dishwasher safe. 

Glass XL – Height: 20 cm, Dia: 9 cm (Left on picture).
Incline – Height: 20cm, Dia 9cm (Right on picture).

Traditional Moroccan glass-blowing

Household Hardware has been selling Moroccan glassware for the last 25 years. Initially we bought the glass in Casablanca, but nowadays it comes from a factory in Marrakesh. The factory staff starts as very young apprentices to learn the glass-blowing trade.

Recycled glassware

All of our products are blown from recycled glass. To start with the old glassware is cleaned thoroughly, melted down and then blown through a blowpipe into a mould. When it has the right shape it goes onto the assembly line to cool. As soon as the glassware has cooled it is cleansed again, then wrapped and shipped to Household Hardware.

Handmade Moroccan products

We have strong ties with the Moroccan craftsmen who make our wonderful products. So we know who made every single product personally. You can be sure all our products are handmade and unique and in most cases exclusively made for Household Hardware. Because our products are handmade they are not all the same, and can differ from each other. This also applies to our carafe of recycled glass. Slight irregularities and unevenness of shapes are part of the product’s charm and proof of traditional craftsmanship.






glass XL, incline

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